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Honda finally unveiled the production version of its ground-breaking electric vehicle, which hasn’t changed all that much from the concepts and prototypes that have been doing the rounds at various events all summer.

Pricing has now been confirmed, though, with Honda e starting from £26,160 and rising to £28,660 for those models in Advance trim, which adds the Side Camera Mirror system and increased output of 113kW (the standard model has 100kW).

Charging Cables and Accessories for the Honda E

Welcome to the Honda E  accessories page. Use the filter on the left to find your exact cable or accessory for your Honda E. 

The Honda E has a maximum charge rate of 32 amps. Our cables will automatically switch between 16 and 32 amps so our 16 amp cables can be safely used on a 32 amp charging station and vice versa.

Honda E

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