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All your Charging Needs for Type 2 Cars - we have the largest range of charging cables and charging accessories for your EV in the world.

For Type 2 Cars

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  1. eoMini Charging Station for Type 2 Cars

    This is the smallest foot print of any universal wall charger in the world yet can supply up to 32amp charging current.
  2. With no software, just plug in and instantly get a charge. No nonsense. Just a simple plug and play charging solution.
  3. Power Ratings: 11kW / 22kW
  4. Standard Colours: White
  5. Unique installation mechanism for quick deployment and future upgrades
  6. Key Lock Option available (Extra £50+VAT)
  7. 3 year product warranty  
  8. Eligible for UK OLEV Home Charge Grant (£500)
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2 Prodotti/o